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Overcome Phobias, Panic Attacks and Anxiety Issues


If fears, phobias or anxiety / panic attacks are impacting negatively on your life and you want them out of your life for good, read on......

If, for example, you are consciously wanting to stop a panic attack or stop feeling of anxiety about a particular situation, and the panic attack or anxiety still presents itself, it means that you then feel completely out of control. It reinforces a feeling of helplessness regarding the situation. This feeling in itself, then increased the level of the original anxiety and so the cycle begins....


  • If you are tired of not being able to live the life you want to live...
  • If you feel like you want to be doing more with your time, rather than just worrying about things or events that may never happen - or fearing the next panic attack...
  • If you find it difficult to imagine a life completely free from anxiety / panic and phobias...


the most important criteria in working with you, if you are wanting to overcome your anxieties, fears or phobias, is that you want to change. You do need to be serious about creating positive changes in your life. For more information about panic attacks, click here.

What clients have had to say....

"I feel much better now and I already started to see some changes on how I deal with people around me, whether it's my friends or colleagues... I'm more relaxed too. I'm getting ready to go out and meet old friends I haven't seen in a while so that's good news. I don't feel anxiety like I did a few weeks ago." London

 "I left our session feeling tremendously positive about my future, and more
able to cope with events that life may throw at me"
West Sussex

Having suffered with panic attacks for a number of years, my fear of escalators was starting to impact my everyday life, whether going shopping, travelling or meeting friends...  at the end of my session with Shirley to my astonishment I went home on the underground, since then I have been using every opportunity to try it out but the panic attacks have completely gone, my outlook on life is changing daily and I feel I can tackle anything....  I am now controlling my life and the panic attacks are not controlling me!!  Hampshire

 "I found our session to be very beneficial in lots of ways, I understand
so much more about myself and the reasons why I think in certain ways. I feel a lot more in control of what happens, it all depends on me taking responsibility and pushing things forward." Berkshire

"Having had a dental phobia as long as I can remember, even a bad toothache was keeping me from making an appointment at my dentist.  But after several days of agony I knew it wasn't going to go away and so I had my first session with Shirley.  Shirley immediately put me at ease and we were able to uncover where the fear came from that I had subconsciously buried.  I was able to walk away, and make the dental appointment. I now feel confident that I will go to the dentist every six months something that would never have contemplated previously." Hampshire

How it all works....

Just think about it,  when we come into this world, we are anxiety and fear free and what we learn from there on, forms the basis of our beliefs, attitudes and responses, all of which drive our behaviour.

With any form of anxiety of phobia, you are left with a feeling of helplessness and the work that we do together will focus on you taking back control....just where you were before the anxiety or panic attacks ever appeared!

If you would like to talk through the process or if you have any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to e-mail me : shirley [at ] or give me a ring on 07894 333378 with your contact details and I will be in touch with you.

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