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Low Confidence / Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety & Self Esteem issues?


If social situations and wondering what others think of you cause fear and anxiety well up inside of you, you may well suffer from social anxiety or social phobia. A few other symptoms of social anxiety or shyness can include feeling that no one really understands you because you are not confident enough to present the "real you" to the world,  speaking on the phone may be difficult, finding it awkward to make small talk, you may find it difficult to make friends and generally having a sense of  low self worth and self esteem.

Some other characteristics of someone who has social phobia may be a need to constantly achieve (you never reach a point where you are satisfied with yourself), you may spend a lot of time on your appearance, so you don't feel judged by others, feel anxieties welling up when the focus of attention is on you, a heightened sensitivity towards other people and their feelings, suppressing a lot of your real thoughts and emotions. these are just a few of the common traits of social phobia. Having social anxiety makes you extremely sensitive and receptive towards others (perhaps overly so) and their feeling, so in all probability you are a very thoughtful and considerate person - fortunately those positive qualities will remain with you once you overcome your social anxiety.

This condition has an underlying fear of being judged and it can be as a result of bottled up emotions  have not been properly processed because of a traumatic or emotionally charged event that happened at some stage of your life (which you can't remember). Because this event hasn't been properly processed, it is still "emotionally charged" - meaning that it is active at some level of your mind. With those bottled up emotions still being active, it may be running a programme that makes you feel insecure, full of self doubt, lacking confidence and belief in yourself and your worth. Once you have an undersanding of how you process your experiences, it puts you fully back in control. 

If you are looking for a general confidence boost or if you have a presentation coming up or new social/work situation coming up, I offer between 2 - 6 sessions where I take you through a process of understanding how your thinking affects self esteem and confidence as well as learning to feel back in control of social situations. This information allows you to understand yourself more and enable you overcome these limiting beliefts about yourself by understanding more about yourself. The approach I use in dealing with social anxiety is a more conscious approach that involves insight and understanding at a deep psychological level, that allows you an understanding that enables you to feel fully back in control.

If you would like to discuss your situation, I offer a free initial consultation where I describe in greater detail how the process works and also to find out a bit of background to your situation. please feel free to contact me - shirley [at] or 07894 333378









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