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Feedback from a previous client :

"I wanted to give you a little update on me and my life since completing our sessions with you six months ago.

My confidence and self-esteem have grown enormously since we last had our session. I have been putting into practice the  exercises and I am reaping the rewards. I am dealing with situations in a calmer, less anxious manner and I feel more relaxed and less afraid for the future. It is a work in progress, yet I have moved forward in leaps and bounds since our first consultation.

I'd like to thank you very, very much for taking me through the Thrive programme, it has been life-changing for me, and I am grateful to you for helping me on my path to experience and maintain my fullest potential."


Shirley is a licensed consultant with the The Thrive Programme,™ having worked with many clients using The Thrive Programme to overcome symptoms such as anxiety, blushing, low mood, confidence issues, stress, irrational fears, excessive drinking and weight loss. Thrive is based on over 20 years of clinical experience. It has received excellent reviews overcoming many types of thinking and anxiety disorders as well as fears and phobias.



The Thrive Programme is an amazing journey and I have had great success working with people both face to face and via skype. I am often asked the question about what the difference is between just reading the book and going through it with a licenced thrive consultant? What is most important, is what feels right for you. The book is great on its own and then there are the added benefits of working through it together with a consultant. Sessions can be customised and personalised to your specific reqirements.

Going through The Thrive programme, you will gain insight into yourself such as your personality traits, your limiting beliefs, your self esteem issues and most importantly, how you can gain control over all these aspects of your life. This will allow you to respond to life in a way that enhances your wellbeing and pleasure in life.

These limiting beliefs or unhelpful thinking styles are LEARNT, we aren’t born with them. It is possible, with the Thrive Programme, to learn to overcome them and develop new, helpful and empowering ways of thinking that allow you to have a healthy self esteem and feel back in control of your life.

To take a simple analogy, when people did not understand how night and day worked, they needed to embark on rituals and offerings to "ensure" the sun would rise the next day. If they didn't do this, they were filled with anxiety as to what might happen. When we understood the earth rotation and the positioning of the sun and moon, we could explain how night and day worked, and the anxieties simply fell away. It is the understanding of this which set them free. The Thrive Programme works in a similar way. It is through understanding that you get back in control and overcome negative behaviour and symptoms.


What you will learn  :

  • How beliefs are formed and how they impact on your life.
  • Understanding what is meant by an Internal Locus of Control and an External Locus of Control.
  • Developing an Internal Locus of Control can have a huge impact on the quality of your life.
  • Self esteem and how you can influence it.
  • The 8 unhelpful thinking styles that can very negatively impact on your life.
  • Unhelpful thinking styles are the "recipe" that create and maintain unhelpful symptoms.
  • How social anxiety affects you and your relationships and interactions.
  • How to efficiently manage anxiety and stress.
  • How to take back full control of your feelings, emotions and your life.
  • How to understand yourself in a revolutionary and life changing way.


"95% of what you need to do in order to change your life is to really understand yourself. To understand your psychological make-up, what makes you 'tick'. When you understand exactly how YOUR mind works - the component parts of your psyche, and how they interact to create your thoughts, feelings, experiences and beliefs, then, and ONLY then, can you set about changing it with ease" - Rob Kelly creator of The Thrive Programme



The Thrive Programme™ usually takes between 4 - 6 sessions and you will receive the book to work through as we go through the programme together.



As the Thrive Programme is a mind training approach and not a therapy, I also offer Skype sessions for people who may not be able to see me at my London office. The skype sessions are equally as effective as the face to face sessions. I have had skype sessions with clients in Germany, France, Austria, USA and in locations within the UK, outside of the London area.



If you would like to find out more about this exciting and empowering programme, please feel free to get in touch with me - shirley [@] or give me a ring on 07894 333378.

To find out more, I have a Thrive Programme website -






 Shirley Scott and Rob Kelly at the Wellbeing Exhibition in London

Shirley Scott and Rob Kelly at the Wellbeing Exhibition in London





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