Overcoming bruxism with The Thrive Programme

Bruxism is an underlying form of generalised anxiety that causes you to clench and grind your teeth. This can have severe repercussions on your teeth, by wearing and grinding them down as well as causing pain and disorders in your jaw and possibly headaches.


It is when bruxism, or teeth grinding occurs while you are you are sleeping, that most damage occurs as you are not aware of it. Bruxism is one of the leading causes of teeth loss and gum recession. Bruxism also causes sleep disorders and it can be uncomfortable wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth while you are sleeping.

If your bruxism is causing jaw pain, headaches, wearing down of teeth, it may be that an unconscious or conscious anxiety is causing you to grind your teeth. Once you learn how to take back control of your thinking and and the feeling of helplessness towards certain areas of your life, the grinding should stop.

If you would like to know more about how I can work with you in overcoming bruxism, I offer a free initial consultation where I can explain this as well as answer any questions that you may have. Having used many different approaches over the years, to treat this condition, by far, taking clients through The Thrive Programme has been the most empowering and successful form of treatment for bruxism.

What next....?

Please feel free to get in touch with me, if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a free initial consultation, either by e-mail : shirley[@]the-turning-point.co.uk or give me a ring on 07894 333378