Overcoming bulimia


Bulimia is an eating disorder where you binge eat, often things like cakes and sweets, then feel extremely guilty and shameful. This then result in purging what you have eaten and again, feeling guilty about this.

Bulimia is becoming and increasingly common problem. Bulimia it is not restricted to a particular sex or age and can affect anyone at any stage of their lives.

Linked to the feelings of guilt about what you have eaten & purging, there are also extreme pressures to maintain your weight and look good. It is like there is an underlying programme making you “do” this behaviour. Often people who have bulimia don’t like their behaviour but believe that they have no control over it. 

I have worked with bulimia for many years. The most effective process in overcoming bulimia, that I have worked with, is undoubtably the Thrive Programme. Every person suffering with bulimia that I have worked with, has had an overwhelming sense of being out of control.


Although there is a huge amount of guilt associated with bulimia, vomiting, at some level, gives the person a small sense of control for a very short while. This is the reason they keep returning to the unhelpful behaviours. With the Thrive Programme you will learn to take back control and break the unhelpful cycles of thinking that keep you feeling helpless. I have been working with the Thrive Programme since its inception, about 6 years ago. 

It usually takes around 5 – 6 sessions to go through the process, which is actually an enjoyable and empowering experience. THere is no re-hashing past experience but all about you taking back control now.

I offer a free initial consultation, if you are interested in discussing your bulimia and finding how you can stop is for good, give me a ring on -7894 333378 or e-mail me shirley[@]thrivewithshirleyscott.co.uk