"I approached Shirley earlier this year for help with overcoming Emetophobia, a problem from which I had suffered for over 12 years. With her help, I have managed to understand the underlying reasons for my phobia, how to fight it, and ultimately how to change my life completely. Before meeting Shirley, I was highly sceptical about the possibility of a cure, but having had just six sessions with her, my quality of life has significantly improved."



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Overcome Emetophobia

An extreme fear of being sick or vomiting is called emetophobia. Emetophobia is a surprisingly common phobia which tends to affect more women than it does men. As intense and overwhelming as emetophobia feels, it is most certainly something that can be overcome. I have worked with many clients who have proved this to themselves and to me.

Many people who suffer from this fear of vomiting actually very rarely vomit themselves. They are caught in a grip of fearing it might happen, either to themselves or that someone else may vomit. It can be a very debilitating phobia in terms of restricting many of your everyday functions. Avoidance behaviours then kick in, where you may stop being in places where you feel you can’t “escape” quickly, stop eating out, never drink too much for fear of being sick, not being around anyone who may look or feel sick, feeling anxiety the moment anyone says they feel any nausea. Avoidance behaviours then tend to dominate thinking and daily actions.

Emetophobia can then also :

  • lead to fears and anxieties about your food – “Is is cooked properly, stored properly, are there any adverse reactions I may have to this food.

  • make you reluctant to go on long trips

  • constantly aware of where the toilets are

  • create extreme anxiety about being sick in public

  • result in  a very restricted diet and food intake, which can be almost obsessional

  • make you become very particular about hygiene and cleanliness

  • create an anxiety of falling pregnant because of morning sickness and the baby being sick

  • waste precious time just thinking about avoiding being sick, day in and day out, drastically reducing the quality of your life.

Underlying emetophobia is an extreme fear of being out of control. The more one desires control and tries to control a situation which is uncontrollable, the “bigger” the phobia appears. Emetophobia is one of the “biggest” phobias you can have, because it is the one phobia where no amount of preparation or avoiding situations can guarantee that no one will be sick, including yourself. It literally follows you where ever you go.

I work with people who have emetophobia by getting them back into a position where they feel in control again. Once that mindset has been developed, we then work with ovecoming the fear of being sick, to the point that it no longer controls you. 

I have been working with emetophobia for many years and the most effective method of dealing with it has been the Thrive Programme. Rob Kelly has put together a specialised Emetophobia Thrive Programme.


As a licenced Thrive Consultant, I will take you through the programme, where you lern to take back control of your life and learn to develop what is called and internal locus of control. By having an internal locus of control, you will feel like you have an influence over your life as opposed to the situations are controlling you.

What next?

You are welcome to contact me for a free initial consultation where we can discuss how Thrive can help you overcome emetophobia. You can ring me on 07894 333378 or e-mail me – shirley[@]the-turning-point.co.uk

Watch an amazing testimonial of an 81 year old woman, Mary, who overcame emetophobia, with Thrive, after having suffered with it for 75 years!