I will be running a small, monthly group session with 6 people, where we will explore  what lies behind our innate wellbeing.


TIME : 6.45 pm

VENUE : 53a Clapham High Street


COST : £28 per month


What will I get from this group?

I will share with you, your ability to connect with your own sense of wellbeing, regardless of what situation in which you may find yourself.

We all have a default psychological state of mind of clarity and wellbeing. Through life experiences and unhelpful conditioned thinking, we move away from that default position. By being part of this group, we will discover how to reconnect and understand that space within ourselves.

When we live from a place of clarity, we have the resilience and resources to deal with life's challenges, have more peace of mind and a richness and joy in our day to day lives.

Many people are looking for their wellbeing outside themselves, in their jobs, their relationships, their financial situtation. But this is not where wellbeing and fulfillment come from. If it did, everyone who had a relationship, a stable financial situation, a great job or the house in the country, would be happy. There is more than enough media information out there, to indicate that this is not the case. Many people who seemingly have the "perfect" life, are not happy. Feel like there is something "missing". The reason for this is that our peace of mind and well-being do not come from outside ourselves. It can only be found within ourselves.

By understanding your true self, you can get to see how our experience works, so that you too can start to experience your life situations in a different way. Letting go of unhelpful thoughts and conditioned thinking. Allowing yourself to reconnect with your own default position of clarity and wellbeing.

I'm not suggesting that having this understanging will result in an ever present state of bliss. Not at all. Life happens. We all get caught up in stressful, anxious, insecure, limiting thinking. But by having this understanding, we can more quickly, let go of that thinking and gain greater perspective and insight, which brings a lightness and ease to our experience or situation


Sydney Banks, who had an insight into the nature of the human experience wrote in his book, The Missing Link


"That the deaf man cannot hear

the sound of the crashing ocean

waves, or the blind man cannot

see the beauty of an autumn sky,

does not mean the sea and the

sky do not exist.

So, like the blind man, close your eyes.

Like the deaf man, block your ears;

go inside and realize...that

which you seek has been there,

within you all along."


Who would benefit from joining this group?

This is for absolutely anyone. From people who may feel like they should be happy, but for some reason are not, to others who may feel insecure or like they are always anticipating the worst case scenario in their life, creating a constant buzz of anxiety or perhaps others who may wish to enhance the quality of their relationship with themselves or others. You may just have a natural curiosity and wish to explore that, whatever the reason, if you feel drawn to join us, it would be wonderful to have to there.


If you would like to be part of this group, limited to the first 6 people on a first come basis. If you have any questions or would like to meet with me first, before signing up, please feel free to e-mail me shirley [@] the-turning-point.co.uk