Are you held back by Social Anxiety,  Low self-esteem and Confidence issues?

You may be so familiar with that uncomfortable feeling that you have around people you may not know so well or groups of people, that it has almost become a “normal” feeling. It probably also feels like you are the odd one out and feel a bit different to everyone else.


You hate it if people notice or think that you are shy and quiet, and feel it is your responsibility to entertain and be interesting for other people.

These feelings are actually very common and experienced by many, many people.  You are not alone. Theses feelings are not restricted to certain age groups either.


Social anxiety can affect young children through to mature adults.

How Can I Overcome my Social Anxiety and Low Self Esteem?

I will work with you to reconnect with the true you. The one that you know is there, but just can't set free. 


Working with Thrive, you will understand how to break down self limiting belief systems that you are unable to interact in an authentically comfortable way. You will also learn to create helpful new thinking styles about yourself and your abilities.

How Do the Sessions Work?

It usually takes between 4 – 6 sessions and during this time, we work on the following areas:

  • Creating an internal locus of control (knowing and believing that whatever situation you are in, you can deal with it) Social anxiety sufferers usually have what’s called and external locus of control (feelings of helplessness)

  • Sorting our your self esteem and getting it back to what it should be

  • Understanding the unhelpful thinking styles that are keeping the social anxiety belief systems in place

  • Eliminating anxiety and stress

What is the Next Step?

If you would like to have a free  initial consultation with me, drop me an email : shirley[@] or give me a ring on 07894 333378 I would be very happy to have a chat with you. 

Can Social Anxiety and Shyness Be Overcome?

Without a doubt, social anxiety and low self-esteem is something that can be overcome.


I am living proof of it myself, having being a “shy” person for many years. When we come into the world, we have no social anxiety whatsoever. We respond naturally to love, don’t have any inhibitions or care what we are wearing, what size we are or any other discriminating factors.


We just are as we are. We also believe we can do anything.

If that is our first experience of ourselves and how we interact in the world, then what happened to that state of mind?!


Well, we actually learned to start judging ourselves, to start questioning who you are and whether you are good enough. Lots of time and effort is put into these thinking styles and we learn to create limiting and unhelpful belief systems about who we are and our ability to interact with ease and grace.

In the same way that we learnt to feel shy, helpless and uncomfortable in social situation, we can learn to feel confident and at ease, which is actually our natural state of being.