What is The Thrive Programme?
The Thrive Programme aims to help you overcome any symptom, unhelpful state of mind or unhelpful attitude towards life situations that you may not be able to change or cope with at the moment. It is based on over 20 years clinical evidence and supported by scientific research and  is all about getting you to a place where you can thrive in your life. 
I am one of the first consultants who trained with Rob and have been working with the programme since it's inception. I have worked with clients within London and the UK, as well as internationally.

Unhelpful symptoms and limiting beliefs are learnt, we aren’t born with them. We are born with a natural resilience, which allows us to learn how to walk, regardless of how many times we may fall down. That is our natural state of mind. The Thrive Programme®, enables you to learn to overcome learnt and unhelpful belief systems and thinking styles and develop new, helpful and empowering ways of thinking that allow you to feel back in control of your life and have a healthy self esteem.

What happens when going through The Thrive Programme?

Going through The Thrive programme, you will learn how to take back control of how you think and feel. You will gain insight into yourself – your limiting beliefs, your unhelpful thinking styles, self esteem and social anxiety.

It's not about WHY...it's all about HOW

Often people may know why they are feeling a bit anxious or rubbish...that's not the issue. The issue is HOW do you get out of this uncomfortable feeling. That's exactly what The Thrive Programme is all about. It's not about going over the past or why you are feeling the way that you are. It is focussed on how do you get to feel good and take back control now. Today. The journey is from this moment right now, going forawrds...not backwards!

Getting in touch to find out more

If you would like to get in touch with me, I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation. We can have a chat about what you are looking to achieve.


I can also explain how I work with specific situations or symptoms and answer any questions you may have. The initial consultation usually lasts between 30 – 45 minutes and is an informal, friendly chat where we can get to meet each other and you can then take things from there. Feel free to email me shirley[@]the-turning-point.co.uk or on 07894333378.


Client testimonial :

Owain Evans, Clapham Common

I started seeing Shirley around 6 weeks ago. I went to her with Stage fright for my singing, and thought some hypnotherapy would possibly work.

During the initial consultation, Shirley was fantastic at getting to the source of the problem within minutes. She is incredibly intuitive and engaged when she listens, and is able to get right to the cause of the problem.

As it turns out, we actually embarked on a programme called the Thrive Programme, which is a series of one to one sessions with a workbook to complete between sessions. Each session consolidates the knowledge acquired in the book, and can be tailored to your individual goals and needs.

As someone who has done a lot of personal development, and was quite sceptical of the likelihood of success, I can honestly say I've been blown away. I feel as though she has peeled away years of layers of accumulated "issues" to reveal my true inner self. I'm back to being full of confidence, positive energy and self-esteem. All my colleagues, friends and family see the difference and my work is "thriving" as a result as well.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, and urge anyone who is looking for someone to see her. Stop simply "functioning" and start Thriving!