Overcoming vaginusmus with The Thrive Programme

Vaginismus is a condition affecting women that causes painful intercourse resulting in difficulty or inability to have penetrative sex.

Vaginismus can have extremely negative effects on your self esteem and self confidence, your intimate relationships and general wellbeing. You may feel guilty at your inability to have intercourse and even become fearful of sex.


Vaginismus is not uncommon and can occur at any stage in life, even if a woman has a history of satisfying intercourse at some stage of her life.

Generally there is no medical reason for this condition which means that it is a psychological condition. Therefore, if the psychological barriers are overcome, it can be resolved and free you to have a loving intimate relationship.


I work with women in helping them overcome vaginismus, by taking them through the Thrive programme, which has been very successful in helping many women to overcome vaginismus.


If you would like a confidential and no obligation initial consultation to find out more, please contact me via e-mail : shirley [at] thrivewithshirleyscott.co.uk or phone : 07894 333378