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If it is your intention to quit smoking in 2020, my stop smoking hypnosis programme

can enable you to achieve this. During lockdown, I had to move all my sessions online, including my stop smoking programme. As it turned out, it was equally as effective online as it was face to face. I decided to keep the session online and reduce the cost, which is now £135, including any follow up sessions during the first month.


  • Stop smoking with ease.

  • Change your current belief systems about smoking.

  • Understand how to create and maintain the mindset of being a non smoker.

  • A fantastic success rate in a single session. Almost all of my clients stop smoking in the first session. Those few who may need a little extra help are offered a free follow up session within a month of the first session.



" I am very confident that I've done it for good this time, which is a great feeling to have. Thanks for your help."

 "It has been a year since I stopped smoking. Thank you for your help with this"


Most of my clients have, at some stage, tried the willpower approach, nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and/or lozengers and it hasn't been successful for them. In my session, I will explain the reasons for this.

I am a registered hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. I have an extremely successful smoking cessation programme designed to help you to stop smoking with ease.


My Stop Smoking Programme is a unique psychological approach which has a fantastic success rate for those who are ready to quit smoking.

I will work with you by changing your beliefs around smoking which is fundamental to the process of becoming a non smoker. Our beliefs form a very strong part of what drives our behaviour and, that's why this is such an effective method. You will BELIEVE you are a non smoker when the session is over. I will work with you to change your unhelpful smoking beliefs. The combination of changing your beliefs, coupled with a hypnotherapy session, reinforcing all those changes at the deepest level, makes this a powerful and highly effective stop smoking programme.

You may have done your homework and research on stopping smoking with hypnotherapy and hypnosis. It is important that you are comfortable with both the therapist and the approach that you choose when stopping smoking.

I have studied psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP. All 3 of these methods have been incorporated into my stop smoking session. This ensures maximum impact and effectiveness to get you to become a non smoker.

You may feel slightly apprehensive that stopping smoking is going to be a difficult and uncomfortable process. You may even already be dreading the process of "withdrawal" and you haven't even stopped yet. It really doesn't have to be this way.

If you would like to have a chat about your situation or if you have any questions, you are welcome to give me a ring on 07894 333378 or drop me an e-mail by clicking on this link shirley [at]



TESTIMONIAL FROM ANOTHER FORMER SMOKER "I just don't feel like smoking, not sure what I should feel, so very happy. Again, thank you very much."  London




If you have tried it all before, and perhaps stopped for a short period of time and gone back to smoking and repeated the cycle several times, I have a few questions you should answer if you are REALLY interested in stopping smoking for good. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being 100% committed, how committed are you to quitting smoking? If your answer is a 9 or 10, then you are ready to stop smoking. If it is below that, I would advise to wait until to get to that 9 or 10.

What can you expect from your stop smoking hypnosis session?  

We will meet for approximately one to one and a half hours, where we go through a process that allows you to WILLINGLY quit smoking and look forward to it! The session involves us talking about your smoking habit and me challenging your current smoking beliefs. We will work on you creating new non smoker beliefs. We then use the remaining time for a powerful hypnotherapy session. You find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and I take you though the hypnosis session online.


The cost of the online stop smoking easily session is £135.00. This includes follow up sessions within the first month.


Did you know that the benefits of stopping smoking begin almost immediately?

After 20 minutes of not having a cigarette, blood pressure is lowered, pulse rate decreases and temperature in the hands and feet improve.

After just 8 hours, carbon monoxide levels in the bloodstream decrease and normalise which then increases oxygen levels in the system.

After just 24 hours of stopping smoking, the chances of heart attack are already reduce.

48 hours after stopping smoking, nerve endings begin repairing themselves. Smell and taste start to improve. Research also suggests that after 48 hours of stopping smoking, all nicotine has left the blood stream.


If you want to stop smoking, and need some help to make it permanent and lasting this time, contact me - shirley [at] or give me a ring on 07894 333378 and let's chat about how I can help.


Stop smoking hypnosis shirley scott
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