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Wellbeing Coaching

I have been coaching clients to overcome anxiety, find peace of mind or reconnect with their wellbeing and purpose in life for over 10 yeas. Whatever it is that you are wanting to achieve for yourself, with the correct skills (which is where coaching comes in to play), effort (with comes from you) and belief systems, you can attain it!

I offer bespoke coaching sessions tailor made to your requirements. I also offer a wellbeing programme which comprises 4 - 5 sessions.

Wellbeing Programme Details

It teaches you how to create and maintain your most helpful and empowered mindset. We also deal with self esteem and self confidence and also work with addressing any unhelpful triggers using BWRT (Brain Working recursive Therapy).

Reconnecting to Purpose and Passion

When wanting to explore a deeper meaning to life, I use  combination of Wellbeing Coaching to understand the principles of our true natue and also working with mindful and meditation practices. This is a unique and personal journey for all of us and I will be guided by your unique journey.

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